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2017 Saturday Barrier-free Cinema Operation (1st half)
Title 2017 Saturday Barrier-free Cinema Operation (1st half)
Writer master Date 2017-03-13

Starting in March 2017, “Barrier-free films,” which may be enjoyed by everyone including visual- or hearing-impaired people, will be screening at 2PM on the 4th Saturday of every month at the auditorium of Seoul Museum of History. We invite everyone to come to watch the movies.


※ Barrier-free film
A film that adds screen explanation, which describes scenes of the film by voice, and Korean subtitles, which displays dialogues and sound information, allowing everyone including visual- or hearing-impaired people to enjoy and understand


 * Date & Time: 2PM on 4th Saturday of every month from March to December 2017
 * Location: Auditorium on 1st floor of Seoul Museum of History (Yajugae Hall)
 * How to Watch: First-come, first-admitted (224 seats total, 8 wheelchair seats for the wheelchair-bound)
 * Admission Time: Starting from 1:30PM
 * Admission Fee: Free

 * Screening Schedule (films to be screened in the 2nd half of 2017 will be announced in July)

3.25 (Sat): The Great Gilly Hopkins (2016, U.S., 97 minutes, For all ages)
▶ Abandoned by her mother when she was only 3, Gilly Hopkins lives by hiding her wounds behind a strong, resilient façade. As she moves from one foster home to another, Gilly meets Maime Trotter as her new guardian who mends the girl’s wounds and shows her the true meaning of a family.

4.22 (Sat): We Can Do That (2008, Italy, 111 minutes, For 15 and older)
▶ After the new Basaglia Law in Milan closes down state psychiatric hospitals and asylums in 1983, many of the mental patients, now with nowhere to go, create a group known as “Work Cooperative 180.” The film portrays a true, moving story of patients who were pioneers in the movement of work cooperatives.


5.27 (Sat): Our Family (2014, Japan, 117 minutes, For 12 and older)
▶ Mother has been diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor and has seven more days to live. The family, who had thought that she was simply suffering from amnesia, must now come up with a way to spend the next week in the most meaningful way possible.


6.24 (Sat): How to Steal A Dog (2014, Korea, 109 minutes, For all ages)
▶ Jiso, who lives in a van with her mother and brother, Jisuk, plans “the perfect way to steal a dog” in order to get themselves a home. While searching for a dog to steal, Jiso targets “Wally,” a dog that belongs to an old madam who owns a restaurant Marcel, and executes her plan.


7.22 (Sat): La Famille Bélier (2014, France, 105 minutes, For 12 and older)

▶ Paula is the only person in her family who can hear and speak. One day, Gabriel, a transfer student from Paris, takes Paula to the school choir where she joins the choir. Impressed by Paula’s talent in singing, the instructor suggests that she auditions for a choir school in Paris. Paula, who is hesitant to leave her family, must make a tough decision.