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Korean Traditional Art Workshop for Learning Program Seoul Museum of History A special program for Learning Program giving them the opportunity to learn about and experience Korean culture.

History and Culture Class for Foreigners

The Seoul Museum of History provides foreign visitors with opportunities to learn more about the history and culture of Seoul through exhibitions and craft-making activities.

  • Title : “Seoul in the Past, and Landmarks of the City"
  • Participants : Groups of foreigners staying in Korea
  • Number of Participants : 30 for each lecture
  • Venue : Education and Exhibition Halls in the Seoul Museum of History
  • Application : Via fax or e-mail after a telephone inquiry
  • Telephone : 02-724-0196, 0258
  • Inquiry :, 
  • Fax : 02-724-0195
  • Qualification for Application
    • Priority will be given to the organizations that can effectively manage their participants in the lectures.
    • There will be no interpretation service during the lecture.
    • Successful applicants are required to send to the museum the application form and a list of participants at least one week prior to the lecture.