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Yongsan, Handing Down the Forbidden Land
Title Yongsan, Handing Down the Forbidden Land
Period 2017-08-29 ~ 2017-09-24
Location Exhibition hall on the first floor, Seoul History Museum
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Yongsan, Handing Down the Forbidden Land


Yongsan, Handing Down the Forbidden Land

The Yongsan Garrison is a symbol of imperialism and heritage of the Cold War. This is a heritage of a great value for conservation in reminding humankind not to repeat the same mistake.


The "Yongsan, Handing Down the Forbidden Land" exhibition will provide an opportunity to understand the Yongsan Garrison and the surrounding area and to think about the universal values for humankind, such as coexistence, peace and human rights, which are delivered by the Yongsan Garrison as a heritage.


Imagining Yongsan Park sprouting the seeds of new hope by casting away the history of the many ups and downs of the 20th century, this exhibition presents the Yongsan Garrison, which will soon return to our embrace.


* In cooperation with: National Archives of Korea, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Independence Hall of Korea, Center for Historical Truth and Justice, University of Seoul Museum, Seoul Museum of History, Seoul Historiography Institute, Yongsan-gu Office, Yongsan Culture Center, Seoul Traffic Broadcasting