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Information Desk

Materials from the Previous Gwanghwamun Gate

There is an information desk on the first floor of the Seoul Museum of History. If you any questions about the Museum’s exhibitions, education programs, or facilities, please visit the kiosk where our friendly staff will be more than happy to help.

Seoul History Archive

Materials from Japanese Colonial Government-General Building

The Seoul History Archive has over 36,000 books including studies on Seoul, archeology, folklore, Museum-related documents, Korean studies, and historical studies. Visitors to the archive can also browse the academic journal database and the Korean studies database, and even look through the Library of Congress and The National Library of Korea. The area is open to museum research personnel as well as members of the general public.

Donated Relic Exhibition Hall

Old Seoul Map Fountain

The Seoul Museum of History was founded by Seoul’s residents. This exhibition consists entirely of donated relics and is dedicated to the donors.

Courtyard Rest Area

Stone Figures Donated by Unhyeongung Palace family

In the Museum lobby there is a door that leads to Gyeonghuigung Palace. Visitors can smoothly proceed to their next destination, Gyeonghuigung Palace, via this route. The outdoor deck has been extended and roofed for the patrons’ use. Why not take a short break or enjoy a meal outside!
Door to Gyeonghuigung Palace : 9am to 6pm. Outdoor Deck : open 24h


Learning Room 1

Bell Pavilion Foundation Stones

Learning rooms are a new addition to the Seoul Museum of History. Here the museum offers special programs (for children, teens, adults, family groups, and international tourists) designed to broaden participants' understanding of Seoul’s history and culture. Traditional experience programs are also available.

Children's Activity Room

Street Car No.381 (Registered Cultural Property No.467)

The children’s learning room is intended as an educational space for families with preschool children. Children (and their parents) can play or take part in educational programs or book readings here.


Stele Excavated in Seoul

The luggage room is located on the right of the Museum's entrance. Please leave your belongings here for convenience.

Lactation Room

Another new addition to the new museum. This room is reserved for nursing mothers and their infants.

Cafeteria and Restaurant

The lobby has a cafeteria with a great open view of the beautiful courtyard. Enjoy a hot cup of tea or a selection of beverages with light snacks.
The restaurant serves everything from light snacks to a full meal. It is situated on the left of the first floor lobby near the auditorium.
Cafeteria opening hours are the same as the Museum’s

Museum Shop

The Museum Shop, located on the first floor lobby, sells a wide range of attractive souvenirs and gifts.
The Shop opened on December 18, 2013.